In 2012 and 2013 I photographed a large number of railway stations in North Rhine Westphalia. Germany. This was a spin off from my book of essays Nazi te Venlo, which was concerned with my German great granddad, who was a Deutsche Reichsbahn employee. The photography project has resulted in this book, Biotoop Bahnhof. It appears in cooperation with Mauritsheech, the publishing initiative by poet Peter van Lier and photographer Dolph Kessler (Zilveren Camera 2009).

The 92 colour pictures in a story telling manner show a world in transition: places of the provisional on the verge between a rich past and modernisation. What does one encounter there? Travelers streaming from trains; worn out benches; shelves, loaded with spirituous liquors, in a kiosk; a thoughtful Turkish gentleman; a little son pushing his cycling dad all over the platform; girls on a kangaroo ball in the photo booth; the discovery on leaving the station that you forgot that one precious thing. Ultimately there’s a toy train on the carriage floor.

Some sample images here.




24×20 cm; 104 pages (92 pictures)
Edition of 100
20 € + shipping from the Netherlands

English and German preface included.

The book can be ordered by sending an email to




Biotoop Bahnhof was highly praised by Ted Forbes at The Art of Photography: ‘Brilliant’